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Legal note



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Russian Federation


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Managing Director: Faizov Ramil

Registration Nr. 7710, Moscow city,

Document number:  77 - 015886297 dated 26.04.2012

Tax office registration: Nr. 1127746329391

Tax number: Nr. 7725755153 - 772501001



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Legal information:

Disclaimer and legal information. We reject any liability - in particular for any damage or consequences that arise due to the use of the contents featured on this server. We do not accept any liability for the completeness or correctness of the data provided. Furthermore, we accept no liability for this data being free of the rights of third parties.

We disassociate ourselves as a precautionary measure from the contents of all pages linked with this server. This declaration applies to all links and lists of links that exist now or in the future. However, if you should find reason for complaint, please contact the operator of the linked pages directly. In order that we can keep our links "clean", please also inform us of this.

All of the contents on this server are subject to copyright. In particular all graphics, photos, buttons and other design elements. You are permitted to publish and duplicate the text on our website. However, this must remain unchanged, unabbreviated and with the source cited. We expressly reject publication in conjunction with any illegal, radical, unethical or defamatory contents.


Technical changes:

The technical descriptions reflect the status of products at the time of publication. Amendments may arise due to technical progress or material changes, also if no notification of these is provided in advance. Images are only for illustration. Deviations from descriptions and images are therefore possible.


Authors and image sources of photos:

Klöpper-Therm® GmbH & Co.KG, Dortmund/Germany

Elmess Thermosystemtechnik® GmbH & Co.KG, Uelzen/Germany

MIL GmbH ISOMIL®  Mil GmbH, Hanau/Germany

IsoHeat ® Mil Heating Systems GmbH, Ubstadt-Weiher/Germany

Hemstedt ® Hemstedt GmbH, Brackenheim/Germany